Brain Unstuck Group Coaching

Bringing together kingdom people who are headed for the same goal.

Imagination Factory


This is not another "coaching program"... this is an invitation for you to turn your life into a factory of imagination to create, build, and advance the kingdom of God.

Dreaming & imagination should not be interchangeable words, and they are two very distinct, unique, practical, & essential parts of your life and God's heart.

  • Discover, Explore, & Re-Ignite Your God-given Desires.
  • Get Out of Your Own Head & Into God's Heart.
  • Use Practical & Tangible tools & make this a regular part of your life.


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Business Momentum Strategy

A 10-week program designed to regain clarity, increase productivity, & execute a personalized success blueprint for your business. Actualize your business momentum with the BMC process.

  • Establish the right benchmarks
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and procrastination
  • Make your time serve you, not the other way around 


This process is a mix of pre-recorded & LIVE coaching in staggered succession. Each stage begins with a recorded session followed by a LIVE coaching call with Craig Pickerill via zoom the following week.

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Origin of a Hero

Step into the authority Jesus has given you & start living naturally supernatural™.

You have unique traits and giftings that are integral for bringing victory to groups of people, industries, and nations. Each of us is made specifically and intentionally to be a light, partner with God & take dominion over the darkness.

We might not get a sweet, super suit, but we do get an invitation to be the hero.

Spend 4-weeks LIVE via zoom & explore OR re-explore the God-given gifts you carry & activate your God-given authority & identity.

  • Activate your God-given identity.
  • Shift mindsets & remove self-imposed limitations.
  • Gain newfound freedom in your relationship with God.
  • Start living Naturally Supernatural.


Let's Do This

What others are saying...

 After I worked with Craig, I was finally able to choose and serve the clients I want to work with.   And more importantly I also learned to recognize the new business opportunities where God has called me to extend.

Janae Whittaker Ali

“This process is something I had never experienced before and it was glorious to be a part of... I'm realizing dreams that have been in my heart for years and am stepping forward leading with newfound confidence. ”

El Edwards

"For the first time in a long time, I'm able to dream again and have fun doing it. This has brought me closer to God and who He created me to be.”

Acelia Snyman



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